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Flat Earth is definitely one of the greatest conspiracy in human history. We've been lied on everything since we are born. This Globe vs Flat/Plane earth is one of the hardest thing to believe. After thousands of hours of research we've came to the conclusion that yet again we have been fooled by the Satanic Globalists. They are not called Globalists for any reason. We 100% live on a PLANE and NOT a Globe. That is why it is called a PLANE(T). The real name is Plane Terra. NASA is just a money laundering and black project scheme. We NEVER been to the moon. Space and satellites as we know it does NOT exist, Space are Dimensions, there is a Firmament and satellites are ALL helium balloons. Don't just believe us! Watch by yourself documentaries below!

All the Best Banned/Censured Documentaries they really don't want you to see on the Flat Earth Subject are on this page. We highly recommend you take your time and watch them all. While going through this rabbit hole, it is highly recommended that you take time to digest this information before going crazy and talking about it to everyone.

Once you'll UNDERSTAND and know the truth you will feel LIBERATED!
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WATCH NOW: LEVEL (2021) - Flat Earth - Documentary
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WATCH NOW: The Next Level (2022) - Flat Earth - Documentary
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WATCH NOW: LEVEL With Me - Flat Earth Fake Alien Invasion - Documentary
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WATCH NOW: True World - Flat Earth - Documentary
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WATCH NOW: The Greatest Deception Of Human History - Flat Earth - Documentary
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Watch Now: NASA SCAM & Flat Earth Proofs - Truth Does Not Fear Investigation - Flat Earth - Documentary
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Watch Now: Convex Earth - Flat Earth 100% Scientific Proofs - Documentary
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Watch Now: Undeniably A Taboo Conspiracy & Greatest Lie in Human History - Flat Earth Documentary
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Watch Now: Other Videos And Documentaries
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